Joshua Price - President of Onyx Services Incorporated

Joshua Price

Joshua Price is a native of Texas who earned his high school diploma from De Soto High School, where he completed pre-college courses and earned a high GPA. While still in school, Joshua Chaz Price began working as an entry-level laborer with Central States Underwater and, upon graduation, began managing his own crew. He later became involved in the company's business operations after completing course work toward an engineering degree at the University of Kansas.

Mr. Price worked for the company from 1996 to 2013, during which time he also held positions such as supervisor, operations manager, and commercial diver. He currently serves as president of Onyx Services Incorporated, where he oversees a team of over 50 employees who provide pipeline maintenance and repair services on land and underwater throughout the country. As of 2016, Mr. Price's business leadership abilities had helped the company grow to the point of completing over 800 pipeline waterway-crossing inspections per year.